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knoxe on the current situation in the clan arena community

mOrpH, 22.07.14 00:45

"The nightmare continues lost faceitcup final vs faces, lost hoq vs faces, today lost to faces in the faceitcup semifinal its annoying!!"

restructuring & comeback!

phyo, 16.02.12 16:49

The transfer of the oldschool rocket arena 3 legend, fReady EK, was successful!
We just rediscovered him playing for the team WE_ARE.
After wheeling and dealing we convinced him of joining us!

Furthermore CaNNa_ (aka CaNNabiZz - LULZ?!) is back. At the moment we are raping in some esl ladder matches (5 wins until now)..

Merry X-Mas

mute, 23.12.11 17:27

Seasons greetings from your favourite clan!

Just to sum this year up:
We won the HoQ 2on2 League again, and are therefore kind of the bestest (!) 2on2 team in the world. (1st, 2nd, 1st place in the last 3 seasons).
We came third in the Opencup Premiership in Clanbase CA 4on4, even though we let nonames like vsm play. Too bad Kopfjaeger, the guy who annoyed us on a daily basis and begged that we play this cup with him, disappeared the day the cup started. We assume that the Stasi holds him captive. Good luck Jens!

Thats it for now, we're not active in any league, and will probably stay this way unless some miracle happens.

faces tdm active again - Qualified for EC and EMS

mute, 24.09.10 02:11

faces tdm is active again and playing. new lineup can be found under 'members'.

We played the Clanbase EuroCup and beat jb in a two mapper. We also qualified for the ESL Major Series, where we finished third in the Qualifier #3. We only lost vs bloodface, but all in all, we did quite ok considering we never trained. We look forward to playing in the top leagues of europe.

faces not dead

mute, 21.08.10 13:56

faces is playing clanarena 2on2 in the hoq 2on2 league. We're currently ranked #1 in the highest division. Unrelated to that we started a new TDM project called 'some clan' with phyo, mute, bish and some other guys.

Faces CA Cup!

mute, 17.12.09 22:36

Your favorite clan 'faces of meth' will organize an invite only clan arena cup! Clanbase is over and we certainly don't want our mod to get inactive. The Cup will feature 16 teams split into two division, each one divided into two groups a 4 teams. The first two teams in each group will proceed to the playoffs. The first division will include eight of the best teams in europe, the second division will focus on skilled clans with potential to be amongst those eight one day. As you already have read, the cup will be invite only. The teams will be chosen by our admin team. As we do not want you to waste searching for a suitable server only teams from central europe will participate in this cup. The cup will start at January 18th and last 5 weeks.

We probably won't be able to provide private servers for your matches but we will at least ask id software for their support. However, we will stream the most interesting matches in coorporation with spotlightql tv. There will also be no prizes but fame and honor for those lucky enough to be among the first three places. You will also receive a stupid picture to put on your page.

If you were chosen to be invited, please proceed to the rules section, where further steps will be explained and more info be provided. If you have any questions query an operator in #faces.ql or ask directly in the forums.


mute, 02.11.09 10:16

Long time, no news.

We managed to win the SpontanCup in a not-so-close finale against zlo with 20:4. We also decided to drop out of kuh3liga premiership because of the fixed match dates. Apparently a lot of others clans are not happy with k3l, too, so the league doesnt look too alive now.

We tried to qualify for the quakelive tdm EMS but couldnt manage to get 4 players in one of the first three qualifieres where becoming at least fourth would have been easier. The fourth qualifier, in which we participated, had some strong clans and so we had to play versus Low Land Lions. We lost the match due to tactical errors - after 12 minutes we were already behind with 60 frags, changed our tactics and managed to reduce their lead to 48 frags in the end.

We joined the ESL CA Ladder, where we have played 6 matches so far, which we all won without too many problems. (120:11 rounds). Yet we have to be  a bit more active to regain the #1 position.

The Clanbase CA OpenCup PremierLeague is still ongoing, We lost vs pcm in the first match and won against inc in the second one. Tonight we will play the last two remaining matches against s2k and LMind. After that we will see if we qualified for the playoffs.

*UPDATE* We beat both s2k and LMind, and are now in the playoffs.

In the Clanbase TDM OpenCup Division2 we managed to beat Virus, AC and LKFF. Without a loss we are facing our last opponent elite Squad. Even if we lose, we will most likely advance to the playoffs.

Kuh3Liga Division 1 Winner! (And some esl playoff matches, and spontancup CA)

mute, 27.09.09 23:50

We did it! We beat rewind in the kuh3liga TDM  Division 1 Finals in a two mapper with 2:0 and secured the mastership of the first TDM Season. Their choice was DM14 which was close all along, but we then managed to save red armor and battlesuit which brought us a 14 frag leade in the end (93:79). Second map was our choice (dm7), which started very close. We could secure red Armor, but failed in the first 4 or 5 quad fights. The game was tied at around 50:50, when we finally could get a Quad. From this point on, we managed to successfully hold all important positions and got almost all of the remaining Quads which lead to a rather clear victory (122:69).

In our first ESL Playoff match vs excello, where we of course were the underdogs, we managed to win our map (dm7) but lost the two next maps (dm14,ca2). GG xlo. Dropping down to the loser bracket we had to face e-violence. We won both maps (Dm14: 168:105; dm7: 212:127) and have advanced to the next round.

We signed up for the CA spontancup and already played the first two rounds. We beat the polish clan sixth sense with 20:2 and in the next round we faced ultraMaim, who we managed to beat with 20:4. We're in the finals now, waiting for our next opponent and hoping to put the next trophy in our case.

Kuh3Liga Division 1 Playoffs

mute, 11.09.09 09:23

In our first match of the K3L Division 1 Playoffs we had to face the number 1 ranked team from Group B which was Satans Proxies. Fortunately we could play with our TDM lineup and managed to win the match 2:1 in maps and thus reach the finals. Our next opponent will either be rewind or this other team whose name i cant remember. 

The spontantdm cup is already over for us, because we lost in an unimportant game vs Excello, where we couldnt play with our TDM team. We were informed a few hours before the match started, so we could not prepare. Ironically it turns out that Excello played with two players not in their lineup, but what the heck, it's not that we really care.

One less: CaNNa

kopfjaeger, 08.09.09 00:57

Unfortunately CaNNa decided to leave faces.ql

We'd like to wish you the best with your further QL ambitions. Keep it up, dude!

TDM Playoffs and upcoming leagues

mute, 06.09.09 05:31

We've reached the Playoffs in both ESL and Kuh3Liga TDM Leagues. Our next opponent in K3L will be Satans Proxies, while the next team we're going to face in the ESL has yet to be determined. In other news we've signed up for Clanbase Clan Arena and TDM Cups, and furthermore we're trying to play the spontantdm something cup.

Transfer fehlgeschlagen

mute, 05.09.09 01:40

Der Transfer von Spieler mps zum Division 6 Verein "GAMERS UNITED" ist fehlgeschlagen. Nach dem medizinischen Test lehnte es der ambitionierte Amateurclan ab, den Transfer zu taetigen. Nicht einmal das Zahlen von zusaetzlichen 100 Euro konnte sie dazu bewegen mps aufzunehmen. Schade.

new page

mute, 03.09.09 19:48

our page now provides features for news members and clanwars. thanks to me. thx

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